Recording dropouts (single USB August DVB-T210 tuner)

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Recording dropouts (single USB August DVB-T210 tuner)

Post by nmw01223 » Sat Aug 29, 2015 8:27 am

I have a single tuner as above on a Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop (2GHz, dual core, 4GB RAM, 250GB SSD hard drive, W7/32+SP1, Argus 2.3). For (occasional) live viewing I use Kodi 15.0 as the front-end.

I am trying to replace a Topfield 5800 which is getting old, and won't do T2 HD programs anyway.

It all basically works, but there are loads of dropouts which render recordings useless. This is all very similar to 'glitchy recordings' on the thread by Pete in May. Similar errors also (bad PCR clock etc). Used CPU tends to run at around 10-15% on SD, slightly higher, say up to 20%, for HD. I am not trying to view at the same time as recording (even if one can, indeed). I generally leave the laptop in standby and let it wake itself up to do the recording.

I'm not very close the the (Sandy Heath, UK) transmitter, but the Topfield (and Sony TV) manages just fine - very few recording errors indeed. I've tried a signal booster but there was no difference. Signal level looks good when scanning for services.

Nothing else is obviously going on on the PC and I've tried disabling anything that might be loading - AV etc, and also disconnecting WiFi. No difference.

Nothing I've tried seems to make any difference, better or worse. Is this normal behaviour, or can it be improved? Does it look to be a tuner problem (should I try something different such as the Nanostick - though that was what Pete had the problems with) or a PC problem? Any suggestions?

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