Recording starting 15 mins late

The built-in ARGUS TV recorder for digital TV
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Recording starting 15 mins late

Post by nmw01223 » Thu Aug 13, 2015 7:43 am

I'm new to this, only installed Argus TV a few days ago (UK TV). It is running on a W7/32 laptop with 3GB RAM. V2.3, the latest, I think. Source is an August DVB-T210 USB receiver.

Set it up to record a film on True Entertainment using the scheduler console, starting at 21:00, pre-record was 5 mins. It actually started at 21:13. Looking at the log it had continual card fatal errors every 30 secs until 21:13, when it finally started OK. It then recorded to the end.

The error from the recorder log in each case appears to be lack of system resources, originally called from the EPG grabber on idle.

I assume this is some conflict between grabbing the EPG and actually recording. What can I do to avoid it?

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